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Native or Mobile Web

At Lucent Mobile we understand the importance of an organization developing a mobile strategy. We work with our clients so that they understand how mobile devices fit into their overall digital strategy. Most companies think one size fits all when it comes to content and design. As part of the development of the mobile strategy, we educate companies on the right content and right platform.

Cross Platform Solutions

Lucent Mobile believes that the best way to deliver bold solutions is to merge cutting edge mobile technology development and existing corporate technology platforms. This allows companies to leverage their existing capital investments in infrastructure while developing mobile applications.

EZ Forms

checklist & Audit

Save time & effort

Eliminate paper, duplication and inefficiencies associated with your business by leveraging real-time mobile forms technology for any size business

Drive financial impact

Sell more products and services, eliminate extra costs associated with third party audits and reduce or eliminate internal costs

Increase satisfaction

Get true insight and actionable metrics that can help you better understand your customers and your business

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Real-Time Dashboard

Information is powerful and a key component to the EZ Forms solution. When you open the app, you get a snapshot of what’s going on with your business as it relates to past due, upcoming and pending checklists, as well as items to be synced


Our cloud storage offering is fully integrated with EZ FORMS, giving you the ability to store and analyze your operational process data. When designing and developing EZ Forms, one idea kept bubbling up ---- our clients wanted to have a solution that was cloud based and had the ability to easily share files, video and other content in real-time.


EZ FORMS will allow you to communicate device-to-device and send and receive email and push notifications -- all within the application. Finished completing a form and need to share within your organization? It’s as simple as clicking "SHARE" and it will be sent to whoever you choose.

Create Forms

Creating and sharing checklists is easy with EZ FORMS. You can design, publish, and share your template with other users directly within the app. The drag and drop editor makes creating checklists a breeze.

Management Reports

We all need to see what’s going on with our business. EZ Forms gives you real-time insight from your smart device or personal computer to see missed, completed and pending information. Just select the type of checklist and start and end time to get the results

Customizable Settings

With EZ Forms, we wanted to build a solution that gave the user the ability to manage, set-up and administer with great ease. Want to add storage, users, attributes and templates all on the fly? Then EZ Forms is the answer to your business

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Hosting With Us

Flexible, Cost-effective & Reliable

Enterprises are increasingly challenged by the advent and growth of mobile apps. New technologies require new infrastructure which can be costly to build and maintain alongside traditional data center environments. Lucent mobile offers a robust and comprehensive hosting solution built specifically for mobile apps and supported by a team of experts that possess deep expertise in ensuring the highest levels of performance to ease the transformation to enterprise mobile solutions.

  • Custom-designed hybrid cloud for applications with custom dedicated hardware, virtual servers, private cloud, and a high-performance public cloud.

  • 24x7x365 support for mission-critical business applications

  • Consulting services to help determine which applications are right to host outside of your data center, and which you should keep in-house.

App Development

Desktop, Mobile & Tablet

Solutions are what innovative companies are now looking for and where the next battle will be fought with the more traditional software companies. Agile and scalable solutions give companies the ability to sell more products and reduce internal costs because they are not developed solely for the fifteen inch computer monitor. Lucent Mobile builds, hosts and maintains mobile solutions.

  • Enterprise applications for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android, as well as for cross-platform use.

  • Platform expertise in iOS, Android, HTML5, Blackberry, Microsoft, Java, LAMP (PHP), Facebook, and Native.

  • Project delivery process employs a traditional waterfall model, while also incorporating frequent testing and feedback processes based in the Agile method.

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“This new mobile solution allows our general managers to actually run the store via an iPad".

- Edward M. Lambert, CEO, Taco Bueno